Jim Keeling

Jim founded Whichford Pottery in 1976 and enjoys running and being part of a team.

He is notorious for taking on as many challenges as he can and has a passion for rediscovering old skills and keeping alive a communal way of working. 

Adam Keeling

Adam is Jim’s eldest son, he is a Thrower and our Production Manager. He grew up at the pottery and has been throwing for as long as he can remember. He is a father of four and enjoys making large pots and firing up his clay pizza ovens!

Lynda Dyer

Lynda has worked at the pottery for 22 years. She is our Head of Hand Pressed but also helps within the decorating and stoneware departments. Lynda made 11,000 of the 88,000 poppies that Whichford Pottery created as part of the Remembrance Day installation at the Tower of London.

Brian Hands

Brian has worked for the pottery for 22 years and is a Clay Technician. He loves the relaxed atmosphere and responsibility involved in the role. Brian is passionate about recycling and can always be found helping people with odd jobs.

Simon Garne

Simon is a Thrower and has been working at the pottery for 17 years. He enjoys the process involved in making a pot, in the manipulation of the clay and the physicality of the work. Simon lives and surfs in Cornwall with his wife and daughter.

Joe Cobb-Stanier

Joe is a Thrower and has been working at the pottery for 14 years. He loves the variety in working on different projects and commissions with a nice team of people. Before working at the pottery Joe was a fashion designer specialising in print. 

Robert Rivett (Riv)

Riv has worked at the pottery since 2008, he is a Thrower and our Operations Manager. Riv’s favourite colour is brown and loves working at the pottery because everything here is brown. He is a father of two, likes cars and learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

Tom Bartlett

Tom is our Stoneware Co-ordinator and has been working at the pottery for 10 years. His grandfather was a potter so is following in his footsteps, he also likes earning money out of playing with mud.

Steve Taylor

Steve has been working at the pottery for 18 months and is a Pottery Assistant. He finds the variety of the work we do interesting, he also loves animals and was a Kennel Handler before joining us.

Sas Cooper

Sas is a decorator and has been with the pottery since 2015. She really enjoys working at the pottery as it has a creative atmosphere and comes with lots of challenges. Sas came to the pottery on a long winding road via the circus.

Debbie Fieldhouse

Debs has been working as a Head Decorator at the pottery since 2015. She really enjoys the creativity and diversity involved in working with clay and loves the friendly team she is in. Before joining us Debs studied a Masters in Sound Art and creates her own work in her spare time.

Rachel Hopkins

Rachel has been working at the pottery as a decorator since January 2017. She really enjoys working at the Pottery because there is always cake!

Chris Checkley

Chris joined us in August 2018 as an apprentice. He really enjoys the chilled out relaxed atmosphere here and his favourite pot is the new Stitch Techni Eclipse. He has a love of VW’s, he built his first Beetle when he was 14 and drives about in a T25 Camper.