We are offering Free Delivery on everything in our Christmas Collection, from stunning Sassanian Jars to gorgeous Sgraffito, from Glorious Glazeware to Adam Keeling's stunning Tableware - making your Christmas shopping easy.  And, as if that wasn't enough, we are also giving away a Free Whichford Longtom away with all orders over £65  (see product for details)!

For a Handmade British Christmas

Meet the Makers in our bustling workshop, be inspired by our stunning courtyard garden, choose from our full range of flowerpots, browse gorgeous handmade British gifts in our gallery, The Octagon and top off your day with a tea, coffee, cake, lunch, brunch or a slice of toast in our fabulous cafe, The Straw Kitchen!

Tucked away on the edge of the Cotswolds a visit to the Pottery is a real treat...

Established in 1976 by Jim and Dominique Keeling, Whichford Pottery is a family business with a world renowned reputation for quality, design and service! With a skilled team of over 30, we produce entirely handmade terracotta flowerpots which are beautiful, durable and full of character. 

The Straw Kitchen 

Our on-site cafe serves scumptious home-cooked lunches, delicious brunches and incredible home-baked cakes... not forgetting their fabulous teas and coffees!

*****Advance Notice - The Straw Kitchen will be closed from Wednesday 21st December 2017 until Wednesday 14th March 2018*****

Every pot that we sell has been lovingly handmade, hand-decorated and even hand packed! Everything at Whichford is done in-house which means we have total control during the making process - we even blend our own clay on site so that we can offer our 10 year guarantee against lamination in the frost. 

Buy Our Pots

All of pots are designed by Jim and the team here at Whichford for all gardeners to enjoy - we have over 500 designs to choose from, ensuring we have something for everybody, from a simple Seedpan to giant Longtoms...