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Dominique Keeling

Co-Founder & Artist
Dominique Keeling Dominique Keeling

Dominique co-founded the Pottery in 1976 and is an artist. 

Dominique and Jim met at Cambridge University where she studied English Literature and he studied Archeology and Anthropology and History.

While Jim’s interests led him to become a working potter, Dominique pursued her early love of drawing and storytelling. After a pause to bring up their five children she discovered a wonderful opportunity to combine drawing with pottery by decorating Jim’s domestic ware with sgraffito which involves scratching designs into damp slip. These designs flow and dance across huge platters, jugs and bowls.

The same dynamic energy drives her many layered pastel works. Familiar representational forms morph into palimpsests of nature and mythological images springing from the surrounding Warwickshire landscape.