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Photo Competition

Cameras to the Ready!

We are offering a £100 gift voucher each month to our favourite photo of a Whichford pot or pots in your garden. Whether it is a snap of your favourite bulbs enjoying a few rays of spring, a multi-species planting in full bloom, seedlings in a Seedpan or a showy Auricula in its theatrical setting, we would love to receive your photos. 

Please email your entries to photocompetition@​whichfordpottery.​com or tag us on Instagram. Click here for T&Cs.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this month’s photo competition. It’s heart warming to see our pots used so creatively in so many different settings. It looks like we might need to have an animal, pets and birds category next time. The prize this month goes to this lovely photo for beautiful plantings and beautiful complimentary background. Keep the photos coming! Here’s a small selection of some of the best so far…


Some more lovely photos this month! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to this month’s competition. The prize this month goes to this May grouping. We’re looking forward to seeing what you can do for early summer, a difficult transition after the glory of spring builbs and before summer bedding gets going.


The winner this month puts an exotic touch to a wooded English landscape. All the entries this time are looking after their plants extremely well — not a slug to be seen on the hostas! Note the incoming leaf-cutting bee on the pan of sempervivums; the fantastic rhodochiton surrounding the Aztec Bowl; and the Elephant was made by Babs (who still works here) in 1991!


Thank you for so many beautiful entries this month. All of a very high standard. It’s a bit unfair to judge a simple planting against a more complicated one, but that aside, the clear winner this month is an exuberant multi-species planting — harmonious, bright colour, balanced forms and, I can tell, very well fed and watered! Keep the photos coming! They are a treat to look at.


Plenty this month to remind me of that hot August sunshine! The winner has brought her small patio garden to life with a great selection of pots and plants. I can tell she has fun trying out different combinations and arrangements.

Best wishes to you all and I look forward to seeing the last of your summer plantings next month.

A couple of general technical notes:
* If pots are on the ground, it is usually best to squat down to get a lower angle for the photograph.
* Careful what you include around the edges — too much foreground (pathing, gravel), extraneous building details etc distract from your central image. 
* Check your image is in focus!