Part of our range of traditional horticultural ware, seedpans are lovely pots which traditionally would have been used for the sowing of seeds, striking of cuttings, or succulents. They have several holes in the base for increased drainage.

Please note all seedpans now have our Whichford Roulette.

Pot Code Height Width Price Qty
1222 10.00cm - 3 1/2" 20.00cm - 8"
1224 12.00cm - 4 1/2" 30.00cm - 12"
1225 15.00cm - 6" 37.00cm - 14 1/2"
1226 18.00cm - 7 1/4" 44.00cm - 17 1/2"

Please let me know how long this pot takes to make.

1227 20.00cm - 8" 52.00cm - 20 1/2"

10 Year Frostproof Guarantee.

Meet the Maker

Adam is Jim and Dominique's eldest son.  He is a Master Thrower and our Production Manager. He grew up at the Pottery and has been throwing for as long as he can remember. He is a father of four and enjoys making large pots and firing up his clay pizza ovens!

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