The pot title refers to the flowerpots first made in Renaissance Tuscany. In the 1440's the architects of the time had the idea of putting citrus trees in very large pots all around the gardens. The best artists of the day, including Lucca della Robbia, were employed to design these pots.

The Whichford design is closely allied to these originals.

Pot Code Height Width Price Qty
621F 22.00cm - 8 1/2" 29.00cm - 11 1/2"
621E 28.00cm - 11" 38.00cm - 15"
621D 33.00cm - 13" 47.00cm - 18 1/2"
621C 39.00cm - 15 1/2" 57.00cm - 22 1/2"
621B 47.00cm - 18 1/2" 67.00cm - 26 1/2"

Please let me know how long this pot takes to make.

621A 52.00cm - 20 1/2" 78.00cm - 31"

Please let me know how long this pot takes to make.

621 79.00cm - 31" 107.00cm - 43"

10 Year Frostproof Guarantee.

Meet the Maker

Riv has worked at the Pottery since 2008.  He is a Senior Thrower and our Operations Manager. Riv’s favourite colour is brown and loves working at the pottery because everything here is brown. He is a father of three, likes cars and has just bought his first campervan.

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