Our exciting new woodfired stoneware range is a celebration of our team's skill; combining exquisite design and sleak form with utility. 

Each Technê is made using a stoneware clay which we mix onsite, the colour variation, texture and and firing temperature makes stoneware a better suited clay for the Technê. 

We handpress the clay into two-part moulds to form the elegant shape, once this has hardened in the mould we reveal it and fettle away any excess clay. We then use differing techniques to decorate each style of Technê. 

Using handcarved plaster stamps we impress patterning into the wall of the Technê for the Flora, Stitch and Autumn designs, afterwhich we inlay porcelain clay or black slip which is then scraped back to create the contrasting colours. 

For Fauna and Shore we use our tools to generate texture, intricately working around the wall of the Technê to cover the whole shape in pattern. Fauna is then painted entirely in black slip which is left for a day before being scraped back to reveal a the two tone colour. 

Shore is the only Technê which doesn't have any coloured clay or slip on it - instead letting the flame and texture do the work, creating wonderful contrast.

Once dried our Technê collection are fired in our new combination gas and wood kiln for 4 days using gas to get to 900 degress celcius and then the kiln is continually stoked with slab wood to create a reduction atmosphere. Although labour intensive,  this process means that the colouring effects on the wall of the pots come entirely from the wood flame and ash -  making each Technê completely original.

Bold elegance and contemporary classicism make our Technê a true Whichford show-stopper.

Technê are available in three sizes and five stylish patterns: Autumn, Fauna, Shore, Stitch and Flora.
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