The clay we use is a special mix of local clays, prepared and blended in-house to ensure the highest grade of frostproof terracotta.
High quality terracotta like ours will insulate the roots of your plants from extremes of temperature while allowing them to breathe, and it will acquire a beautiful patina with time.
Every one of our flowerpots is made entirely by hand and is an individual piece of craftsmanship.
Our designs are unique - ranging from the properly traditional to the completely new.

All our terracotta flowerpots carry a 10 year frostproof guarantee against lamination in the frost. However, we know from experience that our pots last a lot longer. Each pot is stamped with our name and a code indicating the year it was made.

Any flowerpot which is bought as a ‘second’ from Whichford Pottery will be marked with black marker pen and will not be covered by our 10 Year Frostproof Guarantee.

Unfortunately, our glazeware does not carry a 10 year frostproof guarantee. Whilst our clay carries a 10 year frostproof guarantee, the glazes we use do not.

In the unlikely event of you being dissatisfied with your purchase, we will refund you the cost of the pot(s) if returned to us undamaged within 14 days.