The Project is a collaboration between top Japanese and British Potters with the University of Oxford to build and fire a traditional wood fired Anagama ceramics kiln at the University’s Research Woodland at Wytham, and to use anthropological research to study that process.


This University of Oxford project is located in Wytham (university woodland) with a unique and robust research context

For Potters

    •    It provides opportunities for potters to understand and develop their own craft process

    •    It will provide novel conditions to explore technical developments, for example exploring the use of local clays to build pots

For Anthropologists

    •    It will help our understanding of what making  ceramics means

    •    Illustrate the complex and changing relationships between the making process and the commodification and use of objects within a social and aesthetic context

For Schools

    •    This is an exciting opportunity to involve schools in a creative process

For the public

Wytham woods is open to the public 7 days a week, and options for firing amateur pottery is available (Please follow this web address to find out more )