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Traditional English garden design, like in the rest of Europe, has been dominated by classical Roman ideas, and this highly ornate pot is a good example. The iconography used comes straight from Classical Antiquity, and can therefore be read symbolically. A central theme of all the decoration is that of fertility - cornucopias, autumn fruits, swags and acanthus leaves. The four satyrs heads - wild, bearded men with the legs and horns of goats - represent the wild abundance of nature.

Each size of these magnificent pots has a different variation of these decorations and will hold their own in the grandest of settings.

Some of these pots are made to order. Please call 01608 684 416 or email us at enquiries@whichfordpottery.com for more information.

Pot Code Height Width Price Qty
2005 33.00cm - 13" 48.00cm - 19"
2006 40.00cm - 16" 54.00cm - 21 1/2"
2007 47.00cm - 18 1/2" 71.00cm - 28"

Please let me know how long this pot takes to make.

2010 68.00cm - 27" 101.00cm - 40"

Please let me know how long this pot takes to make.

10 Year Frostproof Guarantee.

Meet the Maker

Adam is Jim’s eldest son, he is a Thrower and our Production Manager. He grew up at the pottery and has been throwing for as long as he can remember. He is a father of four and enjoys making large pots and firing up his clay pizza ovens!

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