This pot is the ever-popular Longtom decorated with a moulded and stamped Avocet bird- a tall slim pot for a tall slim bird!

The Avocet mould is offered up to the outside of the pot then the wall of the pot is pressed out by hand into the mould from the inside. This same technique would render the legs too clumsy, so they are stamped (or impressed) into the pot instead, the viewer’s eye being tricked by the resulting shadow into seeing them away from the pot wall.

These pots are made to order. Please call 01608 684 416 or email us at for more information.

Pot Code Height Width Price Qty
1298 29.00cm - 11 1/2" 26.00cm - 10 1/2"

Please let me know how long this pot takes to make.

1299 38.00cm - 15" 35.00cm - 14"

Please let me know how long this pot takes to make.

10 Year Frostproof Guarantee.

Meet the Maker

Joe is a Thrower and has been working at the pottery for 10 years. He loves the variety in working on different projects and commissions with a nice team of people. Before working at the pottery Joe was a fashion designer specialising in print. 

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