Highly versatile, Ali Baba Jars are a useful shape to add contrast in a group of flowerpots, or will stand alone as a focal point in the garden. The largest pot is seriously large and will certainly create an impact.

They look good unplanted or planted. Rather than plant directly into the whole pot, you may prefer to fit a smaller pot into the neck to reduce the amount of compost used.


Pot Code Height Width Price Qty
605D 47.00cm - 18 1/2" 30.00cm - 12"
605C 53.00cm - 21" 35.00cm - 14"
604C 45.00cm - 17 3/4" 40.00cm - 16"
604B 53.00cm - 21" 44.00cm - 17 1/4"
605B 60.00cm - 23 1/2" 38.00cm - 15"
605A 68.00cm - 27" 44.00cm - 17 1/2"

10 Year Frostproof Guarantee.

Meet the Maker

Simon is a Thrower and has been working at the pottery for 17 years. He enjoys the process involved in making a pot, in the manipulation of the clay and the physicality of the work. Simon lives and surfs in Cornwall with his wife whom he recently wed. 

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