This pot is closely based on that shown in a German wood cut from the early 16th Century found by Jim while researching for his first book, The Terracotta Gardener. It’s characterized by a heavy rimmed, flaring body, growing from a highly developed foot-ring, all held in balance by a simple central band.

A versatile and increasingly popular pot. The flared shape springs from a generous rounded foot ring, its waist held in neatly by a round coil of clay. 

Pot Code Height Width Price Qty
631F 23.00cm - 9" 30.00cm - 12"
631E 29.00cm - 11 1/2" 37.00cm - 14 1/2 "
631D 33.00cm - 13" 45.00cm - 18 "
631C 40.00cm - 16" 51.00cm - 20"
631B 47.00cm - 18 1/2" 61.00cm - 24"
631A 57.00cm - 22 1/2" 70.00cm - 27 1/2"

10 Year Frostproof Guarantee.

Meet the Maker

Adam is Jim’s eldest son, he is a Thrower and our Production Manager. He grew up at the pottery and has been throwing for as long as he can remember. He is a father of four and enjoys making large pots and firing up his clay pizza ovens!

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