The Basket is one of our most popular designs, and rightly so. The basket-work shows up beautifully in any light and weathers superbly. Choose these pots for the top of a wall or if you need width for planting.

Inspired by Elizabethan engravings, these pots are first hand thrown and then allowed to harden slightly before one of our skilled decorators applies the strapwork to create the characteristic basketweave effect. This takes a keen eye, a steady hand and much patience.


Pot Code Height Width Price Qty
1420F 9.00cm - 3 1/2" 20.00cm - 8"
1420E 13.00cm - 5" 28.00cm - 11"
1420D 16.00cm - 6 1/2" 36.00cm - 14"
1420C 19.00cm - 7 1/2" 43.00cm - 17"
1420B 24.00cm - 9 1/2" 53.00cm - 21"
1420A 26.00cm - 10 1/2" 61.00cm - 24"

10 Year Frostproof Guarantee.

Meet the Maker

Riv has worked at the pottery since 2008, he is a Thrower and our Operations Manager. Riv’s favourite colour is brown and loves working at the pottery because everything here is brown. He is a father of two, likes cars and learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

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